Municipalities may establish a collection of local and regional values and create a committee for the collection of local and regional values, which organises the identification of national values located in the municipal area, creates the collection with the data of national values available in the municipal area and forwards it to the collection of county values.

For the identification of local values, the establishment and maintenance of the collection of local values and the transfer of data to the collection of county values, municipalities may designate an institute, organisation or organisational unit operated by a state, municipal, ecclesiastical or social body operating in the municipal sector and previously involved in the identification and management of national values, or by any other organisation operating in the field of municipal or rural development.

The local governments of several neighbouring settlements in the same county can also set up a regional value collection committee, which summarises the collection of regional values and forwards this data to the county value collection.

 There are currently more than 1000 local and 8 regional collections in Hungary.