2018. May 16.

Hungarians beyond the borders and in the diaspora may contribute to the wider popularization of the hungarikum movement.
Our national values and hungarikums could promote a positive picture of our country, and could also strengthen Hungary's cultural, social, scientific and technological international position - mentioned István Loránd Szakáli to Magyar Idők daily.
According to the Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Development and Hungarikums from the Ministry of Agriculture interest in the topic is significant and the objective is to win the Hungarians of the diaspora for the cause of hungarikums.

2017. April 11.

The Committee for Hungarikums has qualified the "Egri Bikavér”, the “Kodály method”, the “Hungarian shepherd and hound dogs” and the “Fisherman’s Soup from the Region of Tisza” as Hungarikums.

2017. March 8.

The three-day event held in Virovitice has had Hungary as a guest of honour for the second time due to the outstanding relationship between Croatia and Hungary.

2019. July 2.

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture the Council of Hajdu-Bihar County organized a two-day academic competition series for school pupils in order to promote and publicize Hungarian National Values.

2017. March 1.

The show was conducted by the Hungarikum Committee in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Hungarian Heritage House and the Hermann Otto Institute.

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