2024. March 11.

With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Police Association (OPSZ) was able to receive kuvas puppies for the seventh time as part of the breed rescue model program in Dunakeszi..

2023. August 23.

In today’s Hungarian language, when we say "viselet" (costume, wear) we almost exclusively refer to traditional folk costumes - - stated Zsolt V. Németh, the Prime Minister’s Commissioner.

2023. February 21.

Real values cannot be locked in a glass case, but can be maintained and preserved in everyday life and during holidays, furthermore can be shaped according to the tastes of recent world and people - Zsolt V. Németh said, the prime minister's commissioner.

2022. July 6.

The Ministry of Agriculture's folkTREND! special award was presented by Deputy Minister Sándor Farkas in Mezőkövesd.

2022. July 6.

As last year, the promotion of hungarikums in three target areas will be supported with a budget of HUF 930 million this year, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy.

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