Long-tailed Mayfly and its spectacular swarming

Short description:

The Long-tailed Mayfly, a species of the insect order Ephemeroptera, is well-known for its spectacular swarming, and is a natural and a landscape value that is unique not only in Hungary but also in the world. The peculiar natural phenomenon of the swarming is preceded by a multi-year development of the larvae, and culminates typically in mid-June in every year on Hungarian sections of river Tisza. The multiple significance of the Long-tailed Mayfly and its swarming extends beyond the natural environment as it greatly adds to the sense of place or identity of humans along river Tisza, which is attested by numerous cultural, ethnographic and linguistic connotations (e.g. the phrase „mayfly-lived” for short time periods). This complexity is also reflected in the joint listing of the species and the swarming event as a Hungarian value.  



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