2019. March 25.

Remek hangulatban zajlott a „Ki mit tud az értékeinkről?” vetélkedő Hajdú-Bihar megyei döntője. A kétnapos megmérettetést az Agrárminisztérium által kiírt HUNG-2018 pályázat keretében szervezték meg 2019. március 19-20.-án.

2018. May 22.

The National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair is Hungary’s biggest, oldest agricultural event enriched with essential traditions that has an more than 100 years old history. The enduring mission of the event is to present the achievements of the agriculture sector.

2018. May 22.

Pursuant to the decision of the Committee for Hungarikums the Hungarian goulash soup, the order of Saint Paul, the first hermit and the Hollóház Porcelain was admitted to the Collection of Hungarikums.

2018. May 22.

The Ministry of Agriculture has organised a fashion show titled “folkTREND! – The tradition is old, but the style is new” in Budapest exhibiting the traditional Hungarian dressing culture and folk motif. In 2016 the portfolio for hungarikums had introduced an initiative to revise tradition to which folkTREND represented a subsequent phase.

2018. May 16.

Hungarians beyond the borders and in the diaspora may contribute to the wider popularization of the hungarikum movement.
Our national values and hungarikums could promote a positive picture of our country, and could also strengthen Hungary's cultural, social, scientific and technological international position - mentioned István Loránd Szakáli to Magyar Idők daily.
According to the Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Development and Hungarikums from the Ministry of Agriculture interest in the topic is significant and the objective is to win the Hungarians of the diaspora for the cause of hungarikums.

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