The folkTREND! 2021 awards were presented

The prizes of the 18 National Folk Art Exhibition were awarded on 2 July at the Hungarian Heritage House in Budapest, which also hosts the exhibition. The event also included the presentation of the folkTREND! prizes, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture for the most innovative works. This year, the Hungarian Heritage House is hosting the most outstanding showcase for folk crafts, which has attracted 1,533 entries from 464 individuals, 37 workshops and 27 creative communities created specifically for this competition. The most prestigious award is the Pomegranate Prize, which this year went to 35 artists, and almost 150 gold, silver and bronze certificates were awarded to the most outstanding folk artists and craft communities.

Andrea Antal, Head of the Department of Hungarikum and Secretary of the Hungarikum Committee, stressed that the heritage of the creative work of our ancestors must be preserved for future generations and that the forgotten crafts of the Carpathian Basin's settlements must be supported to revive. To this end, he added, the Folktrend programme has been implemented, which, in addition to fashion, will also place great emphasis on music, dance culture, crafts and design. The exhibition, which will be open until 24 August, includes regional and thematic blocks of home textiles, costumes and contemporary clothing, footwear, furniture, toys, musical instruments, jewellery and ornaments in the Hungarian Heritage House and the Museum of Hungarian Applied Folk Art.

Source: MTI

Photos: Hungarian Heritage House


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