folkTREND! – “The tradition is old, the style is new”

 “What is our aim with folkTREND? To take a fresh look at our traditional ethnic ware.” - said The Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Agricultural Development and Hungarikums  Zsolt V. Németh in Tesla Event Centre in Budapest on a fashion show organised in the spirit of “The tradition is old, the style is new”. The show was conducted by the Hungarikum Committee in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Hungarian Heritage House and the Hermann Otto Institute. It was the first event of a future program series that aims to promote and popularize traditions rethought. The theme of the first program was fashionable dressing based on local ethnic traditions. As the chief patron The First Lady, dr. Anita Herczeg graced the event.

This fashion show offers an excellent opportunity for fashion designers to reimagine traditional ethnic patterns, materials and forms in an up-to-date context. The aim of the event was to give an impression to the broader public about authentic Hungarian clothing through traditional dresses and accessories and also to use fashion as a medium to initiate wider publicising of our shared treasures.

„We’ve come for a fashion show. We aren’t here solely to elevate our past. Fashion is not a servant of tradition. Nevertheless, for everyone who turns to the vastly rich Hungarian folk heritage an intimate knowledge coupled with respect is a must.” - said Zsolt V. Németh about the aims of the show. In his speech he underlined the importance of that „contemporary outfit needs to be nice, comfortable and affordable”.

„Folkware is catching on in every country and it is becoming a trend in the world of fashion, therefore we are happy to have a chance to introduce the collections of some of the most outstanding designers. Our goal is to create a likeable style which inspires both customers and traders” - said Katalin Beszprémy on behalf of the Hungarian Heritage House.

„The fashion show folkTREND has been materialised as a separate „brand” through the agency of Hungaricum Regulations” - said The Ministry of Agriculture's Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Development and Hungaricums, István Loránd Szakáli. „In the future by way of tenders we intend to support young designers who are ready to incorporate tradition into their collections this way remodelling the old in a modern fashion. Today's event is an initial step of the programs which aim to facilitate comprehension of folk heritage in our modern society through not only fashion but also music, gastronomy and crafts.”

„The Hermann Otto Institute has been supporting the work on Hungaricums from start, just as it has provided professional backing to guarantee high standard and quality on today's event as well” – emphasised David Mezőszentgyörgyi, the director of the Institute in his speech.


On the fashion-show collections of Bélavári Zita, By Me, Igéző, Innoé, Meyke, Pásztor Anni, Piroshka, Romani Design, Soutache, Szervető and Zema Ékszer have been featured.

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