Collection of the Hungarikums to Expand

The Hungarikum Committee held its 25th annual meeting on 21 May, 2020 in Budapest. At the meeting, István Nagy, the Minister of Agriculture, announced the newest additions to the Collection of Hungarikums. The Pentecost Pilgrimage and the shrine of Csíksomlyó, the Classical Hungarian sabre fencing, the Rosary of Szőreg (Szőregi rózsatő) and the Long-tailed Mayfly and its spectacular swarming have been added to the Collection of Hungarikums. The Hungarian Repository of Values has also been expanded by eight new items. The eight new items which have been added to Hungarian Repository of Values are the followings: Hajdúnánás straw processing as a traditional domestic activity, the Freedom of Religion Act of 1568, the Spring Memorial Campaign (1849), sour cherry from Újfehértó, the cross-stitch embroidery of Bereg, the ruins of the church and the stones of Aracs, the coach from Kocs, as well as the Anna Ball in Balatonfüred. The Collection of the Hungarikums now has 75 values, while the Hungarian Repository has 175.

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