Academic competition for primary and secondary school pupils to promote Hungarian National Values

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture the Council of Hajdu-Bihar County organized a two-day academic competition series for primary and secondary school pupils in order to promote and publicize Hungarian National Values. The Ministry of Agriculture's Deputy State Secretary for Agricultural Development and Hungarikums, István Loránd Szakáli appraised the performance of the contestants after the final on 21st of February.

Prior to the competition applicant teams had to take an entrance test of 50 questions and prepare with a proposal of Hungaricum status for a National Value of their choice. The best teams of four pupils entered the regional final after having their applications rated.

12 teams of primary school pupils arrived in Debrecen on Tuesday from all over the county of Hajdu-Bihar. The competition passed in an excellent atmosphere in the “Arpad” assembly room of the County Hall and it was juried by experts delegated by the Ministry of Agriculture. The knowledge of the pupils was put to the test through engaging and playful tasks in some instances involving not only their minds but their senses as well. All teams showed proof of careful study and intimate knowledge in the field of Hungarikums.

On Wednesday the Assembly room was occupied again, this time by secondary school students - seven of their teams participated in the final of the regional competition. To solve the tasks, that were primarily based on the entrance tests and the proposals they had formerly handed in, students needed a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of Hungaricums and Hungarian National Values but their dexterity, orientation skills as well as their geographical awareness was of great help to them too.

István Loránd Szakáli in his closing remarks praised both the participants and their teachers for their enthusiasm and dedication and he expressed his special thanks to the Council of Hajdu-Bihar County for the outstanding execution of the two-day competition series.

There will be two more nationwide rounds of the competition „Our Values”: the first will be held in Lakitelek, the second in Budapest. - We are convinced that the winners of today’s competition will fare well in the nationwide finals of the Hungarian teams - said István Loránd Szakáli.



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