2020. November 5.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took part in the event celebrating the tenth anniversary of free household distilling in Becsehely, Zala County.

2020. November 5.

Participants in Hungarikum tenders were able to win nearly HUF 1 billion in 2020 - announced the Minister of Agriculture in Rezi, Zala County.

2020. September 15.

“folkTREND! – the tradition is old the style is new”!

2020. August 10.

Összetartozunk alcímmel, rendhagyó módon rendezik meg idén augusztus 20. és 23. között a Mesterségek Ünnepét a budai Várban.

2020. November 6.

The Hungarikum Committee held its 25th annual meeting on 21 May, 2020 in Budapest.

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