Committees for County Collections of Values

The Act of Hungarikum makes possible to the county municipalities to establish a Committee for County Collection of Values, which shall organize the consolidation of the data of the municipal and regional collections of values identified within a county area and shall ensure the identification of national values available in the county area but not yet identified and shall set up the county collection of values and forward them to the Hungarikum Committee.

For the purpose of identification of county values, establishment and maintenance of the county repository of values and forwarding of data to the Collection of Hungarian Values, county municipalities may appoint an institute, an organization, or an organizational unit run by a state, county, municipal, church or social organ operating in the county area and previously involved in the identification and management of national values.
All of the 19 County Municipalities have a Committee for County Collection of Values.
If anyone would like to recommend a value to be submitted as national value and the local municipality does not run a Collection of Local Values, then there is a possibility to submit the recommendation to the given settlement’s local municipality, which will forward it to the corresponding County Collection of Values.

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